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Health Farms and Spa Break

Unwind at a Health Farm

Stressed out? Exhausted? Want to get healthy? Why not visit a health farm for a weekend spa break? Weekend health spa breaks are getting more and more popular, as it’s all too easy to get drawn into the hustle and bustle of everyday life, with no time to devote to your physical/mental health.

A weekend spa break is a great way to unwind and de-stress. It’s difficult to imagine a more different pace of life from the one most of us are caught up in, but that’s what a good health farm has to offer. Step into the world of spa breaks, where it’s fine to have breakfast in bed, to slink around in slippers all day and relax, relax, relax.

But a weekend spa break isn’t about doing nothing - it can be filled with exotic treatments and fitness activities. A good health farm is a place where you can be pampered morning and afternoon, enjoying holistic therapies, beauty treatments and all kinds of massage and relaxation techniques. Or alternatively, you can use the gym or work out in the fresh air.

Most health spas also offer a considerable range of outdoor activities, so you can fill your weekend spa break with tennis, cycling, outdoor swimming, jogging, boules and more. Many health farms have extensive gardens which, as well as providing spectacular views, provide a place for leisurely strolls in beautiful countryside.

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What do you want from a Spa Break?

It’s important to decide what you want from your spa break before you choose which health farm to go to. Many health spas ask you to choose treatments and activities in advance to ensure there’s never disappointment on the day. You’ll need to decide if you want a relaxing weekend spa break doing very little, or want to be pampered by health farm staff. Alternatively, you may want to go for an active weekend spa break, taking part in fitness classes at the health spa and pursuing outdoor activities.

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What to Expect from a Health Farm

In a word: luxury. Expect nothing less. Most health farms are in idyllic country locations away from the fast pace of city and town life. A safe haven from everyday reality, a good health spa should deliver the kind of luxury you’d expect from a top class hotel – with wonderful treatments and activities thrown in. You can expect courteous, friendly staff, gourmet cuisine, luxurious accommodation and a vast range of treatments and health-oriented facilities to meet every need.

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What does a Health Spa Break cost?

The actual price of a health spa break varies from one health spa to the next, and usually the number and type of activities you’re looking for can influence the cost of your stay. If you opt for exquisite pampering and treatments involving exotic fragrances, lotions and hands-on massage, then you can expect this to cost more than if you spend your time walking in the countryside and swimming in the health farm’s pools. If you make sure your health spa charges individually for each treatment, then you won’t need to worry about cost, as you can determine what you want to spend before you begin your weekend spa break.

Some health spas offer an alternative way of paying, like pre-paid vouchers. Health spa vouchers provide a way of saving up for a health spa stay, as well as being the ideal present, so a loved one can take a health spa break